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If you're currently working as an LPN or LVN the next logical step to progress your career is to earn your BSN degree. For nurses that want to advance in their career, to an RN and into administrative positions a BSN is more or less a prerequisite. The LPN to BSN degree online is a program that is growing in popularity mainly due to it's flexibility. Hospitals can't afford to have their LPN's not working, and most people can't afford not to work. So an on line lpn to bsn  program offers the best of both worlds, the ability to study on your own terms, and continue to meet your day-to-day commitments.

If you previously took an online LPN degree then you're already familiar with the process, for those that haven't done any courses online a brief overview. A BSN degree online, will provide you with an virtual classroom on the Internet. This classroom is where you will go to retrieve class lecture materials, and assignments, as well as to take part in any class discussions. Assignments are generally emailed to the instructor, and while there are dead lines to when course work must be completed, there are no schedule class times, allowing you to handle the work when and where is convenient for you.

An LPN to BSN degree online can be any where from 12-24 months. While a regular BSN degree takes up to 4 years, your LPN certification is taken into consideration and credit is given towards the first two years of course work in a bsn degree online. This means quicker gratuation for you, and you'll qualify to sit for your NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) sooner. After all while an lpn-to-bsn degree is a stepping stone to management and administrative nursing rolls, the immediate benefit is the increased salary you'll enjoy from becoming an RN.

Online LPN to BSN degree schools to consider

There are few schools that offer a complete LPN to BSN degree online. Indiana State University offers an LPN to BSN program. The complete program is done via distance learning, and their nursing program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. To qualify for entrance to their lpn to bsn program you must be a licensed LPN or LV.

Now while not completely online the University of Phoenix offers an online LPN to BSN degree program that blends a combination of online and campus based learning. The first and final classes of some courses are done on campus, while the remaining amount of work is done via online study. This is a unique way to earn your lpn to Bsn degree online. It offers students the benefit of classroom interaction along with the freedom of online learning.

We encourage you to request some free information from any school before you commit to enroll. Having a firm understanding of the details of any lpn to bsn degree online will save any surprises once you begin to study.


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