LPN to BSN in Tennessee

Are you an LPN in Tennessee? If you are then no doubt you're busy and could find employment at more then just a handful of institutions. How ever if you want to climb the career ladder in the health care sector and become a registered nurse, there's no way around it you're going to need a BSN degree. An LPN to BSN degree is designed especially for people such as yourself who currently are an LPN and have completed a certain level of education in nursing, therefore you shouldn't need to redo the ground work of a nursing degree.  Locating an LPN to BSN degree in Tennessee isn't difficult, how ever finding the time for you to attend classes with your busy work schedule and other life commitments might be. That's why an LPN to BSN in Tennessee might be easier done via distance education.

Why upgrade to a BSN?

When hospitals, clinics, and other private sector areas hire nurses the most sought after degree is a BSN. They provide nurses with some basic leadership and management education, along with a more advanced and in depth study of all other facets of nursing. The immediate payoff of an LPN to BSN in Tennessee is your ability to sit for the RN exam. Passing this exam, and becoming a registered nurse will immediately provide you with a better salary and a chance for advancement.

The majority of nurse supervisors, and those in administration possess a BSN degree, whether it was done via an LPN to BSN program isn't important, but the fact that they have the degree is. When competing for a promotion, new job, or salary increase don't give employers the chance to discount you because you don't have a BSN degree.

Where can you enroll for an LPN to BSN Tennessee degree?

As stated above there are likely local colleges that provide an LPN to BSN degree program. While you can't beat the quality of education one receives in the classroom setting it is difficult to make yourself available for class time, and commuting requirements when you're a working professional with likely other commitments outside the job. Therefore considering an online LPN to BSN program is quickly becoming the option of choice. There are several schools that offering programs to nurses in Tennessee.

Indiana state university provides an online program allowing Tennessee nurses to enroll in the LPN to BSN degree. The complete program is done via distance learning which means you can work when and where is convenient for you. No need to be available for a particular class time each week, or show up for lectures on campus. Everything is accessed over the Internet, and your instructors are available for questions and assistance via online forums, discussion groups, and email.

The second choice for nursing courses online is the University of Phoenix. The programs offered here are not 100% online. While the majority of class room work is done on your own terms there is a small requirement to attend the first and last class of each course.

Earing your LPN to BSN degree in Tennessee online is probably the smartest option for you and your career. Being able to maintain your current work schedule and commitments outside of work ensures that you don't need to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle. Not to mention, once your done you you'll qualify to become a registered nurse, and progress forward in your nursing career.


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